Beach Body Ready?

It’s been 3 years since “Beach Body Ready” hit the headlines. We enjoyed challenging it at the time, and loved the backlash as we really do believe every body is beach body ready…

We’re also happy that plus size women and plus size style are more visible in the mainstream, and the tiny part we’ve played in that. Ashley Graham was in our first TV ad, now she’s on the cover of Vogue. We’re proud to work with the creator of the first plus size street style book. And we push to make fashion more inclusive for women every day.

… but: the same ‘Beach Body Diet’ stories still fill women’s magazines, year after year, no matter how much progress we think is being made in the media. The same high street brands still only stock up to size 16 (which is the average UK size). And the majority of ads on TV, on the tube, in magazines, still largely show one female body size.


So we decided to rerun those Beach Body ads with 3 different profile models to remind those editors who avoid plus size stories, those advertisers who choose to shoot a single profile of model, those high street buyers who avoid anything over size 16: The world has moved on. Let’s make 2018 the year that every body can be a beach body.



Agree with us?

There’s no petition or anything, but if you do agree with us just do something small to spread the word and nudge the world in the right direction.

  • Call out a magazine you see only featuring one size body.
  • Retweet some great plus size content, or post it to Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Share this page & just say “hey, I agree with this”, or retweet one of our tweets mentioning it.
  • There’s more info here if you want to read a bit more about where this came from…